Annual flowers provide bloom for an entire season. You will have to replace these each year, but the effort is worth the return.Use annuals as the color accent in your landscape. The major groups are those that thrive from spring until frost (warm-season) and those that can over-winter (cool-season). The warm-season annuals offer a tremendous color palette for sun or shade. Many work well in hanging baskets, too. The cool-season annuals are generally limited to numerous pansy varieties, ornamental cabbage and kale.

River Valley stocks all the soil and fertilizer products to make your planting a success. Slow-release fertilizers (Color Star, Osmocote, etc.) and organic fertilizers (Sea Tea, Milorganite, Lady Bug brand products, etc.) will promote growth and flowering. Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix is a great blended soil for all annual flower planting applications.

Use annual flowers in ornamental pottery to create even more interest in your landscape! Click the pottery tab on the left to see what's in stock. Combine annual flowers with structural plantings like topiary boxwoods, tree-Knockout Roses, or even tropical Hibiscus!

RIver Valley also carries a full line of spring vegetables and herbs for the edible gardening project. The choices include tomato, pepper, squash, cucumber, watermelon, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme varieties, PLUS much, much more.